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Interview: China has enough experience to successfully host Winter Olympics******

KIEV, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- China has enough experience to successfully host the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be essential to overcoming challenges and strengthening cohesion around the world, said Sergey Bubka, president of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine.。

"China has a very big experience to host the Olympic Games. You have great facilities, you have experience, you know what to do," Bubka told Xinhua in an interview on Wednesday, adding that the Olympic Games belongs to all of humanity and is beyond politics, religion and borders.。

"Doesn't matter [whether there are] political interests, religions, no borders, we are human beings. And through the Olympics, through Olympic ideals we bring everyone together," he said.。

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be an important instrument to express the solidarity of global society against the COVID-19 pandemic, Bubka said.。

"I think at this time, in COVID time, it's really important to have the Olympic Games," said the NOC head.。

According to Bubka, Beijing 2022 will send a positive message to the world that humanity will overcome the pandemic through joint efforts.。

"We will overcome this challenge of COVID-19 and of course we must be together," Bubka noted.。

Speaking on Ukraine's plans for the Beijing 2022 Olympics, Bubka disclosed that final preparations are well underway.。

"It is a very important period for athletes, who are preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games. Of course, they do training, they start competition already, this period is important for our athletes to qualify for the Olympic Games," he said.。

According to Bubka, Ukraine expects to send a 100-member delegation, including 40 to 46 athletes, to Beijing.。

"We are strong in biathlon and freestyle. We will see what our athletes will achieve," he said.。

Bubka, who was the 1988 men's pole vault Olympic champion, said he had visited China many times and had been impressed by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the Chinese people.。

"I'd like to wish the Chinese people to enjoy the Games. The Olympic Games is very important for China and important for Asia to develop winter sports," Bubka said, while stressing the significance of the Games for the whole world.。

"The Games is very important for the world, because the Olympics unites everyone, brings everyone together, to show a strong message to the people all over the world that we can live in peace, we can be together," Bubka said. Enditem。

陕西省深层次整治诊疗领域腐败和不良风气 推动追缴违反规定资产近1.6亿元******







华商报新闻记者 任婷。



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World Heritage grottoes to reopen as China contains latest COVID******

LANZHOU, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Mogao Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Dunhuang, northwest China's Gansu Province, will reopen on Thursday after being closed for over a month due to the latest resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak, local authorities said Wednesday.。

The Western Thousand-Buddha Caves and the Yulin Grottoes located in the region are also set to reopen on Thursday. Visitors to the three sites are required to book tickets online, undergo temperature monitoring and show their health QR code during entry, said the Dunhuang Academy that administers these heritage sites.。

Those without a green health code and with body temperatures over 37.3 degrees Celsius will be denied entry into the grottoes, said the academy.。

Visitors who have recently traveled to medium or high-risk COVID-19 areas are required to provide negative results of nucleic acid testing taken within 48 hours before arrival, according to the academy.。

Visitors must wear masks and maintain social distancing of at least one meter while visiting these sites.。

The daily cap on visitors to the Mogao Grottoes was at 6,000 before the closure, while a new quota will be rolled out after its reopening.。

The three sites were closed to the public on Oct. 20 due to a resurgence of local COVID-19 cases.。

No new locally-transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in Gansu Province for over two weeks, according to the provincial health commission.。

The millennium-old Mogao Grottoes are home to a vast collection of Buddhist artworks with numerous ancient murals and Buddhist statues located across 735 caves, carved into the cliffs by ancient worshippers. Enditem.。

西安地铁9号线 今起新开通两车站三个进出口******











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